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OK, Bring On The Customers

Remember "Dressing for Success" when preparing to go out? Chances are you achieved your goals that night because you made yourself look attractive to your "target audience". The same goes for your website.

Every hour of every day, potential customers are searching for your products or services. If you have done the hard SEO work and prepared your landing pages, you may feature high in Google for a certain keyword. If the 150-odd character page description intrigues the person enough, and they think your page is promising, they may click on your link.

Studies have shown that it you have 4-11 seconds to make the visitor believe they are not wasting their time visiting your page. They have inputted their keyword into the search box and Google has done its job by offering what it considers the best web pages for that keyword.

In that small amount of time, your landing page needs to:

  • appear on the screen quickly
  • format correctly on the device the searcher is visiting on
  • validate the searcher's choice by showing content that is pertinent to the keyword
  • offer more detailed information easily

Once firmly planted on your page, the searcher will then be open to the goals YOU have set for the page, whether it is to convert them into a customer, or get contact information for a later connection.

A lot has to go right to convert a visitor into a customer. It all begins with an honest look at your business and what constitutes a good customer. One you know who you are "dressing" for, it is easier to know where they will be and what phrases they will use.

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